About Dr. Frank

Allan Frank, MD, MS, specializing in Internal Medicine is proud to announce his new office location in Alpena Michigan. Dr. Frank is a board certified internist with over 15 years of clinical experience in private practice and academic healthcare facilities. He earned his medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine, a Masters of Science from Executive Physician’s Program – University of Wisconsin, and his Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Frank completed an Internal Medicine Residency and Internship at Northwestern University/McGaw Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.
“I have always enjoyed helping people and medicine is the only career in which one can help relieve, cure, or prevent pain, disease and suffering with the added benefit of enjoying the relationship that forms between patients and their primary physician,” said Dr. Frank.
During his years of medical practice, Dr. Frank spent additional time in hospice care, preventative medicine, clinical research and geriatrics. He developed and marketed the first over-the-counter HIV and Hepatitis C tests, which are still available without a prescription at pharmacies.
“With patient care, I like to incorporate the body’s natural ability to heal and embrace complimentary medicine when indicated, including supporting chiropractic and herbal medicine,” explains Dr. Frank. “I like to tailor medical treatment to the patient. I prefer to offer patients some options by explaining the pros and cons of various treatments and then support the patient’s decision. That said, I have some patients who simply say “Doc tell me what to do”, in which case I use the most statistically solid medical research.”
Dr. Frank believes our grandparents were right when they said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He takes pleasure in finding and preventing a disease or death from occurring. “For everyone person I can get to stop smoking, I can stop the same number of heart attacks as putting 40 patients on cholesterol lowering medication,” adds Dr. Frank. “Over the years I’ve had innumerable patients thank me for helping them survive a heart attack but no one ever has said thank you for helping me stop smoking.”
Growing up in Alpena and with his parents both still active in the community, Dr. Frank enjoys the down-to-earth qualities of the people of Alpena and made it an easy choice to return home. Dr. Frank enjoys spending time with his kids, family and dog and when he isn’t with them he likes to lift weights, bake, and work on the house or in garden.
Dr. Allan Frank is accepting new patients at Northern Health and Wellness of Alpena located at 2097 US-23 South, Alpena. Appointments can be made by calling (989) 354-2191.